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The “Comments” page is a compelling forum for reader praise and criticism of recent New York articles.


Since 1973, the “Intelligencer” section has been the home to the latest news, gossip, short takes, and sharp commentary. Think of it as a collective stream of consciousness from inside the New York brain.


New York’s regular columnists—Frank Rich, John Heilemann, Chris Smith, and Will Leitch—write about markets, culture, politics, sports, and much more from their distinctive points of view.


New York’s feature well has always been a showcase for big stories and smart, arresting journalism. In any given issue, features might cover personalities, politics, business, media, food, fashion, culture, real estate, health, or quality-of-life matters.


A buyer’s guide that understands consumption is a modern sport,  "Strategist” mixes utility and fantasy, must-haves and guilty pleasures. The popular section serves as the definitive sourcebook to every facet of living, including eating, shopping, parenting, pampering, and more.

The Culture Pages

“The Culture Pages” examine the creative process and feature spirited reporting about artists, patrons, and institutions. Lively and insightful, the section covers all that's worth seeing, reading, and listening to.

To do

"To Do" is a focused listings section that showcases 25 recommendations from the magazine's esteemed crticis and other staffers—must-see movies and TV series, the latest happenings in the theater, compelling museum exhibitions and much more. It's the definitive list edited for busy readers who simply want to know what "to do."

The Approval Matrix

The last page is the first place most readers turn to in New York: “The Approval Matrix,” offers a hilarious and spot-on assessment of pop culture news. This popular feature reports high- and low-brow culture with equal intensity and passion, unfailingly recognizing the brilliance (when deserved) in both.

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