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Best of New York


New kicks, troves of vintage, the perfect jeans, and the candy to keep you going. This is the best of New York shopping.

Looking for a delicate antique locket? How about a vintage inspired silk dress? A bespoke suit sketched and designed to your exact specifications? Proudly one of the world’s top fashion capitals, shopping is the New Yorker’s favorite past-time, and with thousands of retail opportunities scattered all over the city, we bring you our guide of the cities hidden Gems.

Discover some of New York’s best-kept secrets as we reveal the insider’s guide on where to shop, ranging from dated vintage clothes, jewelry and shoes, and stylish home furnishings to suit any budget, to downtown boutiques packed with all the labels of the moment. We even pick out our favorite sugar nostalgia fest store - an Aladdin’s cave packed with all the candy classics you hate to love.

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