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How to get an extra decade out of your old sofa, fix that rip in your pricey new jeans, and keep your ten-speed greased up and ready to roll.

Ever wondered how to bring your décor up to trend without breaking the bank? Want to find a way to get those valuable extra years out of your favorite 10-year-old boots, or find the perfect professional city-dog trainer for your urban-anxious pooch?

New York magazine brings you the indispensible and convenient guide for those jobs that require a helping hand. Whether your needs are major jobs or relatively minor, we bring you our tips on where to find the best specialists in the city.

Subscribing to New York magazine today will enable you to immediately download this guide, where, after a vigorous vetting process, you’ll find our latest compendium of some of the city’s best Home and Help tips.


New York magazine brings you all that's hot and fresh, covering politics, business, psychology, the fine arts, entertainment, home furnishings, shopping, food, fashion and a broad range of other subjects about the capital of the world.

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