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Health and Self

Haircuts at every price, cheap beauty supplies and a fantastic facial.

With New York’s high octane pace of life, finding a little time to unwind in the big city is crucial to feeling refreshed and ready to take on the city once more.

Whether you’re a seasoned salon-goer in need of TLC or looking for a rare one-off pampering, you can find our number one picks in town to get you feeling and looking your best whatever your budget or gender.

In this guide you will find everything from the best hair salons at all prices for men and women, to full body work-out classes designed to tone every muscle group in under an hour – perfect for burning off those work-related stresses. Whether you’re idea of ultimate relaxation is an indulgent spa day, a full spectrum of unlimited yoga sessions, or simply winding down in distinctly male-friendly spas, New York magazine brings you this exclusive guide where we disclose some of this year’s best ‘health and self’ secrets to suit your life-style.

Subscribing to New York magazine today will enable you to immediately download this guide where, after a vigorous vetting process, you’ll find our latest compendium of some of the city’s finest health and self experiences.


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