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Best of New York


Find yourself doing the same old things in your free time? Where can you dance with no curfew, ride bikes by moonlight, sample a dozen rare mescals, and master the art of skee-ball?

In the city that never sleeps, New Yorkers have an endless supply of entertainment to keep you amused. With a plethora of bars, restaurants, theatres and clubs at your leisure, letting your hair down has never been easier. New York magazine offers you a guide of alternative ways to have fun in the big apple. Whether you’re looking to score a peak-time lane, indulge in some late-night perks, or watch the city’s newest stars on the comedy circuit, this guide offers a taste of what New York has to offer.

Discover the best of booze monogamy at the top shelf watering holes devoted to single types of liquor. Stimulate your synapses surrounded by colorful light sculptures, or stargaze beyond Manhattan’s dramatic skyline. You won’t ever find yourself stuck for things to do, with New York magazine’s guide to all things fun in this vibrant city!

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